Sunday 19 October 2014

AF12 - Oliver Ryles - Inchoate

Assembly Field is very pleased to release the debut album by ambient artist Oliver Ryles.
'Inchoate has been a slow, long, drawn out journey. Some of the field recordings and original material dates back 15 or more years ago; Sounds I'd lost, forgotten about, abandoned or just hadn’t finished with yet. I was only going to make a few guitar based songs. However, I started playing around like I did many years ago on my University course with ‘sonic art’ and ‘acousmatic composition’! More and more I’d be listening to the beautiful sounds found through the ASIP blog created by Ryan Griffin (It’s amazing when you suddenly find a place that marries and promotes all the artists you’ve loved for years in one place). Artists like Loscil, 36, Markus Guentner, Hammock, Stray Theories, and Ulrich Schnauss. I also starting work at Deep Blue Sound (dBS) in Plymouth, which gave me a massive creative push, as well and put me into contact with some lovely equipment and even lovelier people. Then I tentatively approached assembly field to see if they were interested in what I’d made. Thankfully they were.
My process was one of playing and listening, playing and feeling, layering and stretching, filtering and waiting until it felt like home. Making this album was about diving in - to the waves of sound and water of Whitsand Bay. It was about pushing on - though the troughs and peak of the process and those of Dartmoor, going out and experiencing something and trying to capture that with textures and harmonies – or revisiting important locations in my mind and brooding on them.
I’d like to thank my amazing soul mate Rachel, my children, family and friends for their support and inspiration. This would not exist if not for you.
Thanks also to Wil Bolton for mastering the album and Phil Edwards for making it happen.
I was never sure I finished any of these tracks but if you fully deliberate one thing before taking a single step you'll spend your entire life on one leg. So you get what I abandoned at this point in time. You get something that has just begun and is still to develop. It might not be the most complicated or completed album around, but I hope it’s good enough for you.' - Oliver Ryles

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