Sunday 18 May 2014

AF10 - Gimu - Moving Still

Brazilian artist Gimu debuts on Assembly Field with this 50 minute experimental album.

‘I wanted to try something different, something new, so I made 25 short pieces of music. Then I had this idea of using some beats or pseudo-beats to seam the pieces together, I had the idea but didn't have the beats, hadn't tried that yet. I spent some weeks working on creating the beats, firstly from vinyl crackling and then programming. Some of them are frequency changed vinyl crackling samples and some are beats I created from scratch, very minimal stuff. I like some beats better and one will notice they appear twice or three times throughout the 50 minute long piece but slightly changed by effects. It was complex to do all of it, challenging and fun. I had the picture I wanted to use as the artwork but didn't have a title. I had a list of some possible titles but ‘Moving Still’ was not one of them but when it came to me, I knew it was the title’ – Gimu

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