Sunday, 24 July 2016

Assembly Field's fourth compilation is out today!
A big thank you to all the artists involved.

AF29 - VA Compilation #4

Tracklisting -

01 Robert Farrugia - Disintegrate
02 Jazzdefector - Soledad
03 Kieran Mahon - Filling Space With A Line
04 James Osland - Picture Of A Dying Glacier
05 April Larson - Plastic Knife
06 BABEL - Threnody For HAL
07 Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks -
     That Lake Inside My Bedroom
08 Yellow6 - Conrad
09 Noemi Bolojan - Gratitude
10 Berber Ox - Pink Segment - 1957
11 Jose Soberanes - Black Letter Day
12 Gagarin - Deconubu

Compiled by Phil Edwards
Mastered by Fraser McGowan
Cover photo by Ivanna Saldivar

Download here -

Sunday, 26 June 2016

AF28 - Ghost Signals

Sebastian Buccheri (AKA Jazzdefector)
Paul Randall (AKA Microvolt, Tesla Coil 321, Blue On Silver)
Mastered by Jeff Appleton
Ghost Signals started when Sebastian and Paul discovered each other's music on soundcloud in 2012. There was talk of a collaboration and after an exchange of files the EP Lullabies For Insomniacs was released on Somehow recordings in 2013. 2016 sees the release of their first full length album on Assembly Field.
Ghostly sounds, shimmering guitars and haunting keyboards combine and collide to create an album of lost soundtracks, fragments of past memories and vague nostalgia; Ghost Signals drifting out of forgotten speakers.

Download and very limited edition cdr here -

Sunday, 22 May 2016

AF27 ~ {A Bleeding Star} ~ {The Enchanting Lake of Drift Free Worries & Everlasting Stay-At-Bay Heartache}

A Bleeding Star's second release on Assembly Field is the wonderful 'The Enchanting Lake of Drift Free Worries & Everlasting Stay-At-Bay Heartache' ~ A three track release inspired by a vacation at Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada.

Download here -

Sunday, 17 April 2016

AF26 - DR - In Love With Magnetic Tape

About 'In Love With Magnetic Tape' - 'Using my synthesizer I created some layers for a drone piece and then spontaneously decided (as I se my Fostex 4-track in front of my synth) to make some tape loops. I then added some melody fragments, mixing, finished. I usually do my music like this, spontaneously and improvised. I just need the right mood and some coffee' - Dominic Razlaff 

Download here -

Sunday, 28 February 2016

AF25 - April Larson - Void

April Larson is the surface world representative of a tribe of nāga located along the coast of Louisiana. She translates oneironautic listening into sense-data and regularly delivers lectures on relevant tone-clusters to beehives and ghosts.
"Life is a spark between two identical voids, the darkness before birth and the one after death."
– Irvin D. Yalom, When Nietzsche Wept

Download here -

Sunday, 24 January 2016

AF24 - Gary Bromley - Outside

Assembly Field is very pleased to release an EP of improvised dub tracks by Gary Bromley (Dif Juz).
'I tried to keep as close to improv as much as I could with recording and mixing all tracks done in one take. Over the years I believe that improv is the purest form of music and creation close to the oneness of the universe, any mistakes or error makes the music human. The simplicity of this music is a mantra I bring forth from my inner self to the universe' - Gary Bromley

Download here - 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

AF23 - Robert Farrugia - Half-Light

'Half-Light was written and recorded between the Spring and Summer of 2015. The album consists mainly of an amalgamation of textures created by a virtual analogue synth and a Weinbach Upright Piano. First few tracks entail minimalistic guitars reverberating coherently with ethereal timbres, these will later on develop into piano-oriented motifs. Half-Light closes off with synth textures blended together with field-recordings creating a soothing soundscape. All songs written, arranged, performed, mixed, mastered and produced by Robert Farrugia. Special thanks go to Samwel Mallia & Ben Mifsud Joslin for the constant feedback given throughout all stages of this particular release. Album art by Luke Azzopardi, photograph taken during the Summer of 2013 at Mellieħa, Malta. Thank you goes to Phil Edwards of Assembly Field. Thank you for listening.' – Robert Farrugia

Download here -